Please read our Code of Conduct guidelines if you’d like to take part.

What skills do you need to take part?

We need coders, artists, UI artists, audio designers and producers, as well as anyone that has previously taken part in a game jam. When you sign up, please tell us your speciality and we’ll try and match you to the right team. We use Unity in our game jams, so you’ll need to have used it before and be relatively confident in executing ideas with it.

How are the teams chosen?

Each team needs at least 2 coders and 2 artists to form a team. Teams can be no larger than 5. You can enter as one team, or we can assign you to a group. You’ll be introduced at least a week before by email – don’t worry, everyone is super friendly! There will be audio designers floating between teams.

Do you need experience working with children?

No! It’s great if you do, but this is an opportunity for you to try something new. We have a number of trained teachers and education specialists on hand to make sure the event runs smoothly. If you have any problems, just holler!

What do you use to develop the games with?

You can use any engine or tools that you feel comfortable with!

Will the children be there the whole time?

No. We understand that you just need to ‘get on with it’ sometimes, so your contact with the kids will only be at certain points during the game jam. The children will do most of the ‘thinking’ work with their Buddy before you even get there, so they should have a clear idea of what they want to make when you and your team turn up.

Can a studio come as one team?

Of course! We all love a bit of healthy competition, just let us know in advance if you’d like to be on the same team! If you do this, it would be great if you can wear branded t-shirts and maybe try and bring one extra for your new young team mate!

What happens to the games afterwards?

Once they are finished, we host the games on our website so that anyone can get the chance to play them. Some of the best games will be showcased at events around the country to help inspire other young people to join the industry.

Does the game have to be finished?

Two days isn’t very long. We don’t expect games to be completed, as long as it’s playable, that’s all that matters. If you’d like to carry on working on the game after the event to get it a bit more polished, We’re sure your young game designer/producer would be delighted.

How do we choose the children to take part?

We go directly to schools and ask for children to be put forward by their teachers. We make sure that its 50/50 girls and boys and try our hardest to get a good mix of young people from different heritages and cultures.

What role will I have during the event?

We are looking for two types of volunteer, Buddies and Devs. Buddies will be needed on both days, and Devs from 16:00 on Sat and all day on Sun.

  • Devs will be making the game under the child’s direction. Devs can be coders, artists, designers, audio engineers or anyone who can help create a game.
  • A Buddies job is to act as a friend to the child while also managing their expectations of what type of game can be created during a game jam. Buddies will act as a bridge between the child and the team, encouraging the child to speak up whilst encouraging team members to interact directly with the child. Buddies can also be Devs.